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Deal or no deal?

They’ve had four lavish days in five start Doha.  Some of them are already starting to looklike Qatari nationals themselves <see photo>  but has there been anything been achieved?

Well not really according to statements made by both sides.

So should these talks fail, where do we go from here?  God only knows.  Will Hezbollah flex its muscles and use its advantage of numbers and weapons to bully the government should it come up with something else they don’t like?  How about Seniora, is he going to take a stand and say enough is enough, Lebanon is for the Lebanese and not for Al Hariri and company?

I doubt very much will change and I think we may be expecting too much here.  The greatest civilizations that have been in existence much before us the Lebanese conducted themselves with humility.  Sadly this is a trait that isn’t really a part of our culture anymore in Lebanon and whilst we argue about menial things, we are forgetting sometimes that none of us really owns Lebanon.  Everyone wants to be the ultimate winner and no one wants to come in as second… so there is much ahead in the way of struggles.

Let us pray that Lebanon can hold itself together – the current leaders are here today and gone tomorrow but long live our Lebanon forever!

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