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If at first they don’t succeed… bribe, bribe again!

The meetings are underway in Qatar where some sort of an agreement is trying to be reached.  It is a struggle because agreements need compromise and compromise goes against the Lebanese nature.  We are still in murky waters and nothing much has changed but at least the arms are off the streets and business is as usual, well sort of.

Beirut, the once bustling metropolis, is skimming accross a very fine line; this is make or break.

If the big boys reach some sort of agreement with a generous helping of $$$ then we’re in for a good and prosperous summer.  Should fate swing the other way with the obsessive and almost sickening bickering and power struggles then winter will come sooner than anyone thinks.  If only our so called leaders, took the time to ask us how we feel but then why would they when they know the answer already…

Hezbollah’s weapons remain a sticking point and will be a major issue as the weapons and including Hezbollah are both bargaining chips.  Seniora will face a serious reminder should he press the issue, yet he will face other ‘issues’ if he doesn’t; I would hate to be in his shoes.

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Comment from Brielle Martell
Time: July 8, 2008, 10:02 am

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