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The end of the beginning?

Is it the end of the beginning or is this the beginning of the end?

The events of last week have demonstrated how quickly Lebanon could spiral out of control given the fact that mobsters still rule the streets. Today the leaders have agreed on an end to the violence; Hezbollah have been busy cleaning up the streets and Seniora cleaning up his act.

Yet again, it took a party of outsiders to instill some sort of reason into our limited minds to put an end to the violence but how can hate disperse after the build of many months and years? The very leaders who insulted one another in ways that shamed playground bulllies and amassed hatred and prejudice will tomorrow shake hands and ‘pretend’ to be the dearest friends. What happens to the mass, what happens to the hate they’ve so succesfully harboured and instilled into our hearts? How will the general populace co-exist after this latest fiasco?

I once was in a famous supermarket in East Beirut and watched in horror a man rant to his wife about a certain type of cheese she had chosen. He wanted her to never buy that type of cheese because of it’s ‘orange’ wrapping.

I also witnessed a girl, a sympathiser to the Hezbollah describe how she would enjoy seeing blood of all those who opposed the Hezbollah. The ideology of hate and ruthless brutality will persevere becasue we all fuel it with our ignorance. Our so called ‘leaders’ know perfectly well how easy it is to tap into the core of every Neanderthal and bring out hate – Hate for whatever or whoever it might be as long as it serves a purpose; the leaders themselves.

Ironic how Christians and Druze famillies who massacred one another so hideously duirng the 70’s and 80′ are now standing together united by the Dollar.

Hezbollah on the other hand who have always chanted and justified their position as a resistance has now raised its weapons against the very Lebanese people they are supposed to protect. Hezbollah have taken their first step into the pages of history because no regime, party, movement or any system that has been based on totalitarian ideology has ever survived. People have a right to express themselves without the fear of retaliation and hate can only thrive on hate.

It takes a population to build the country and God bless Lebanon it was built with suffering and generations of heros and guardians. It also takes a handful of clowns to destroy it all and in the process we weep as we watch them blame one another and waffle on to justify their ignorance.

Long live Lebanon and to hell with hate and ignorance… it is time to move on guys and to be neither orange nor green – It is time to be Lebanese and only Lebanese.

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