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What do we the Lebanese do best? Kill Kill Kill!

In the absence of a common enemy, our population has yet again taken to the streets and to mauling one another.  Besides this being our favourite Lebanese pastime we are now recognized as a violent race of people, thrill-seekers who thrive on anxiety and drama.

It comes as no surprise that once the Israelis left Lebanon we turned against one another – what else is there to do and who else is there to fight?

What surprises me the most is the inexplicable levels of hatred and madness that we have all descended to.  Why do we hate one another so much and for the sake of who or what exactly?  God only knows the answer to this one.  I am sad to say that there is very little redemption left after the savagery of the past week or so.  Lebanese killing Lebanese in the name of ‘truth’ and God… how ironic is that?  If killing they do in the name of God, I wonder what is it they do in the name of the Devil?

Here, I post today videos of what we the Lebanese do best and to one another.  If anyone ever doubted our primate origins well today you might change your mind and say that monkeys act more civilized than our very own crazed and blood thirst race of savages.

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