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Who loves Lebanon?

The old hatred and prejudice is once again upon us.  Why do the Lebanese hate one another so much defies comprehension.  It is so pathetic that every once in a while, we feel the need to fight and if there is no enemy we fight among ourselves.

Our so called ‘leaders’ are our poison, making us all hate one another rather than teach the people to unite and heal the wounds of the past.  It seems there will never be an end in sight with the war in Lebanon.  The war in Lebanon will continue to be fought forever fuelled by our latest fad of blaming it all on ‘the others’

At least when the Israelis were around, we all had a common enemy and now look at us… we are beyond pathetic and our ‘beloved’ Lebanon is withering away as more young men leave and those who stay pick up arms to kill kill kill

Welcome to the Lebanese way of hatred, deceipt and corruption… and life goes on

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