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Welcome back 1975!

The game is set, the players are hyped and armed to the teeth.. let the games begin!

What has changed in nearly 30 years?  Nothing!

The thieves are still in power.  The secret agendas are still in place and Lebanon’s gradual disintegration was recently upped a notch or two.  We are heading to a dark abyss ladies and gentlemen and there is no two ways about it.  Our selfishness and pride have taken the better of us and now we’re killing one another in the streets over a poor Lebanon that’s dying anyway.

What fascinates me is that the two sides that are engaged in an unrelenting grip are the very two sides who worked together during the elections!

Sometimes, I wish the Israelis were still in Lebanon, at least then they kept us united and we fought a common enemy.  Now that the Israelis are gone, we’ve reverted back to our old ways but with even greater resentment.  Everyone needs someone to blame, even if you ask the common Lebanese why they behave this way, they will blame ‘outside influences’

It seems there is always someone else to blame for our horror and as long that ‘entity’ exists, it justifies our every negative action.
Not much has changed since 1975, on the contrary, the world evolved and we’re still spiraling down…

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