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Who won?

U.N resolution 1701 brought an end to the incessant fighting let’s just pray that it continues to hold. As soon as a ceasefire was announced, columns of cars heaving with displaced Lebanese civilians could be seen making their way to the south; back to their homes. Tragically, the majority will discover their lives changed, their homes destroyed, families and loved ones dead or missing. The wounds will take a long time to heal and the brunt of the war will be felt by all Lebanese throughout the world.

In retrospect I am inclined to ask: Who won?

I can only think of two groups of people who won this war: the media networks and the capitalists.

The news networks had a field day reporting live from the front lines, dramatizing events to add weight to an already excruciating situation. Some reporters resorted to graphic editors to ‘touch up’ their photos before selling them on to news networks, while the truly desperate planted ‘perfectly preserved’ children’s toys and magazines in heaps of rubble to depict a child’s death in the bombing: very touching and powerful images, very profitable to say the least.

As for the capitalists, this war like every other war was their gateway to quick riches. War fattens the greasy cigar toting capitalist roosters who profit from every drop of blood shed by their underdogs.

Unfortunately we are all governed by parasites that profit off our fears and insecurities. Our darkness is their source of energy and income, they maintain their hold on us not through their strength but rather our weakness. Should they see us their hosts rise above our fears they will do anything and everything to push us all the way back down into darkness.

War is ugly; it tragically claims the lives of the poor and the helpless civilians that are unable to sustain themselves or escape for any number of reasons. This war like every other war has shown us how readily and savagely we are prepared to shed our humanity in favour of ego waffles and perverse mentalities that serve no purpose but keep us in the dark and the profiteers in power.

There were no winners here today ladies and gentlemen; we were all victims of our own ignorance… and life goes on

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Comment from Sheilanagig
Time: September 11, 2006, 1:10 pm

I remember reading a website a year or two ago encouraging people to invest in rebuilding Beirut in particular and Lebanon in general. The article said that this city was beautiful and was no longer being victimized by bad neighbors.

I wonder a bit whether the process was going fast enough for some people, and if they decided that they should trash the place once more to drum up interest in rebuilding it again.

On another topic, I watched a travel program lately that was filmed in Beirut. Anthony Bourdain came to Beirut and spent all of 24 hours there before all hell broke loose. It was an eye-opener when the program aired. The hotel manager was handing out quick-clot and telling people how to use it if they got shot. There were established routes and strategies for getting out of the hotel, and how to avoid kidnappers.

It just made it very clear that the citizens of the US have NO idea what it is like to live with terrorism and war every day. Five years ago we watched planes hit the WTC and the pentagon, but since then we haven’t had anything. We’re still afraid to get on with our lives. We don’t know what it’s like to live in the middle of sustained attacks every day. We don’t have established strategies for survival. We don’t have to. I have a feeling we don’t have much sympathy from the rest of the world for our fear.

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