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Tears of the CEDARS

I don’t know anymore if analyzing the situation and saying who is right and who is wrong will solve the problem.

This war is much bigger than this, it’s now a war of who is stronger, who can hold on more, who can fight more ….

They forgot (both sides) the existence of civilians they forgot that they are killing people ….

We (all the people of the earth) worship GOD: Christians, Muslims, druses even the Jews and where did God talked about killing? In the Bible? The Koran? The Book of Wisdom? Or in the Old Testament? …. None … none.

Taking lives away is God’s job and God’s will not ours … ever…

I don’t know anymore what the human rights stand for? Are they watching the news, all of them, the members of the UNIFIL …? Those who claim that when a person is born he have the right to live in liberty and peace and whatever…

Where are they now those who use to climb the stages to defend the weak? Did they see Qana’s massacre? Or Marwaheen massacre? or Al Ghazieh massacre yesterday ….

Are they so insensitive, what if this happened to them, to their families …

Children burned to death, the Red Cross sometimes can’t identify head from toes, women with no heads …. Pictures can describe more the situation than I can, because while I am writing these words tears are stopping me from seeing what buttons shall I press to continue writing this post …

I can’t stand anymore the NEWS, it’s like watching hell alive, and can anyone of you Europeans, Americans and Arabs handle such situation? The last war you knew was in 1945 while Lebanon has been an open place for others wars since the begenning of times ….

Do you know how much the renovation is going to cost us Lebanese … economically, financially, …..

Do you have an idea what is going to happen to us Lebanese once the war will end? We are going to fight our war here. The war of renovations, of famine, arising of the taxes …. Or didn’t you know … actually it’s what you all want. To see us down …. We wont… we are the sons of the CEDARS, the CEDARS of GOD … and we shall arise like no one did.

Anyways, just to reply on the interior minister of Israel, Crying because of your love to your country is not a mark of shame no matter who you are. THE MESSIH washed his student’s feet and he is GOD AL MIGHTY.

But the shame is watching people dying and not doing anything about it even if the tall of death is 90 persons in Israel (1000 in Lebanon), but these are lives that you don’t own madam … like you don’t own Palestine.

Fouad el Sanioura is an ordinary man who at least has the courage to cry in front of the whole world because he is a human being unlike you Madam you don’t even have a heart to feel … tears are not for the weak but they are the only proof these days that you are not a Monster Madam, even though I prefer to call you born from a new brand of Predators.

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Comment from Malik Youseff
Time: September 24, 2006, 6:19 am

To the author of this article and those willing to spend the time to read…It is brave of you to acknowledge the utter senseless destruction waged upon all sides of this conflict, unfortunately those who voice such opinions are the first to be forgotten when the first bullet is shot in anger.

The state of Lebanon has more or less been the same as it is now since before any of us are born. Its upsetting for me say this as I’m a full blooded Lebanese, but it is our fault whats occured. We as a nation do not exist. We would rathere support the hidden agendas of other nations, accepting their money and weapons and waging war on ur fellow Lebanese and anyone we are told to. We refuse to listen or trust one another as back stabbing is a way of life in Lebanese polotics. As a result we threaten, attack and abuse each other rather than creating a unted front a true Lebanon…a Lebanon proud and full of honour for its people. But we are not worthy to call ourselves the sons of the cedars, for in true honesty there is no Lebanon no Lebanese only factions ruled by their masters who command their pets.

So I say to the readers do not weep, as this is just the beginning for as long as we don not stand united as a nation…a nation worthy of the name Lebanon then we will forever be fighting each other and those who disobey our masters. Lebanese listen to your brother…do not be fooled by those who advocate war under the guise of religion as these are the enemy who I warn about. The only support we should look for are support from our fellow Lebanese for OUR LEBANON…

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