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The Mad Scientist

A couple of days ago I watched the Hiroshima Remembrance Day on television. I saw the old and young Japanese pay respect to their dead, wounds still visible on the faces of the old as they stood in silent contemplation. This was a tragic black spot in human history and one we pray never to be repeated, ever again. Over 200,000 souls perished in 1945 when a nuclear bomb was dropped by the U.S on Hiroshima.

We were all primitive back then, our actions ‘justified’ we blamed our ignorance, our prejudice and fear. It is true that humanity as a whole has since progressed; it is now acceptable to see people of all races integrate socially in relationships that were once considered taboo. The antiquated mentalities faded away and what was considered as harmless fun in the past is now considered racist and unacceptable: politically correct, albeit in its present extreme form was the way forward.

With the dissolution of some of our ignorance people crossed the barriers that kept them apart for so long and the powers that be followed suit and saw fit to disarm and rid themselves of their disproportionate nuclear arsenal. We watched history in the making, old enemies shook hands over hamburgers and vodkas it was time to celebrate the end of the cold war. For a while, the world seemed a better place and we rejoiced by bringing down walls and social barriers. New social standards emerged, we learnt to embrace minorities who a few years ago we persecuted and executed for their beliefs, colour or sexuality. Humanity was rife with progress and with the advent of the internet the world evolved and became smaller while we grew into a large family.

Unfortunately much of the progress that took place was limited to the Western world where economies flourished and prospered. In other parts of the planet, poverty, disease, famine and discrimination were strife. The future looked bleaker than ever for some and eventually events took a sinister turn with the onset of religious fundamentalism beset with dogmas far more archaic than the dinosaurs.

The big players shook hands and made peace, yet they forgot or rather overlooked their backed armies and militia that have been fighting their dirty wars. The redundant pawns found little else to offer, their services no longer required they suffered serious setbacks from the lack of sustained funds and ambition. For a while they procured some sustenance from the growing and cultivation of opium, but such activity was being frowned upon by the very moguls who chose to look away when the pawns served their interest. It was a matter of time before their resentment of the west took over and turned them bitter. Through religion, they found new roots that led them to the sacred land: the now occupied Palestine. Israel’s conduct among its neighbours had left much to be desired so the religious zealots took it upon themselves to ‘liberate’ the sacred land but first they had old scores to settle and cut off Israel’s power source; America.

Sadly we all watched in horror the hijacked planes slam into the world trade centre on September 11: Frankenstein’s monster had finally turned on its master.

This was the first of many America’s abominations that had evolved beyond its control. America’s obsession with an ultimate regional force capable of bullying its neighbours was no different than its fascination with fictional monsters on the silver screen, the only difference being was that this was real life and there were no guarantees for happy endings. Unfortunately this policy although a failure at best is still embraced and in application even this day. Perhaps the administration will one day understand that if they ruled the world fairly and in a dignified manner, there would be no need to create bullies or monsters nor would there be a need to hunt down anyone to bring them to justice.

We have a famous saying in Lebanon “A clever person’s mistake is in the thousand” meaning that fool’s mistake is simple and less costly.

There are no short cuts to riches in life everything comes with hard work and dedication. America is now victim to the greatest marketing hype of them all – the get rich quick scheme. It promised its population a certain lifestyle but finding it hard to deliver on empty pre-electoral promises so they fall back to the old ways; the cowboy ways; plagiarising resources wherever they may be, as long as they’re content who cares about the rest of the planet?

This policy is short lived because internally in the U.S the majority of the population are now aware and are expressing their dissatisfaction with these unethical practices that only serve to breed more hatred and resentment to the west.

Our creative energy and minds are a reflection of our souls and our perception of this world. As an author I am perplexed at the soulless minds capable of creating monsters in real life…

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Comment from Sheila Burns
Time: August 8, 2006, 2:32 pm

Another well written article Garo. I realise you feel so strongly about the atrocities which are happening in your home land of Lebanon, and rightly so,you are expressing your innermost thoughts and opinions and I really do hope other people logging in to your Blog will take on board what you have to say. You must have spent endless hours researching your facts and figures and I wish you success in your quest to maybe change peoples attitudes and beliefs into making this ongoing conflict come to an end quickly before many more lives are lost.GOOD LUCK AND KEEP WRITING!!!xxxx

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