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Damned if they do, damned if they don’t

There is now a lot of talk about ceasefire but who will be the first to stop long enough as a gesture of good will? Neither Hezbollah nor the Israelis seem to be exhausted despite both having achieved very little.

The death toll in Lebanon is 900, 80 of which are purportedly Hezbollah. If we are to go with this ratio then the Israelis will need to exterminate all 4 million Lebanese to ensure the death of the 40,000 Hezbollah fighters.

Day after day the situation in Lebanon lunges deeper into darker levels and beyond into the bizarre. A few days ago, P.M Olmert announced that Hezbollah had been severely incapacitated and expressed his satisfaction with progress so far. The very next day began with newsflash reports of Hezbollah missiles showering on northern parts of Israel, more than 250 missiles to be precise. There were more sirens, evacuations and Khaybar-1 made its dreaded appearance again, leaving Israeli citizens confused just like their Lebanese counterparts: If Hezbollah in its ‘incapacitated’ state is able to launch 250+ missiles then what is it capable of if had it not been in such a predicament? Who is telling the truth?

So far it seems neither side have immediate plans for a cease fire, quite the contrary in fact. The Israelis are preparing for a showdown and sparing no expense and Hezbollah, despite the ungodly destruction of the south of Lebanon are pressing on. The deep rooted resentment and twisted hatred for one another that have long lain dormant have now finally taken over. There is no easy way of stopping these two now, old scores need to be settled and this is a ferocious battle nobody really wants to be dragged into lest they end up with a bloodied nose. Sadly the world knows that it has to put a stop to it or risk its spread like wildfire. As the powers that be contemplate on becoming involved we can surely expect more deaths and mayhem on both sides. Whatever the west needs to do they have to do it now before it’s too late; time is ticking by and Hezbollah sympathisers worldwide are on the increase.

I write this from the safety of my home in London where presently there are no shells or missiles, the last war witnessed being the Second World War in 1945. Last Sunday I watched a demonstration in Trafalgar Square where at least 4000 men and women mostly Moslem, chanted ‘Allah Akbar’ in protest against Israel and its allies. It was a peaceful and a well organised march nevertheless resonating with a chilling sound previously unheard in London.

The whole world is balancing on a razor’s edge it is now sadly a matter of time before all pieces of the puzzle fall into place and show us a clearer picture of our future.

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