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“How long must we sing this song”

This war is thousands of years old, from the dawn of recorded history the peoples of this region have made war. They have fought tooth and nail for every inch of dusty earth. Even before there were Muslims and Jews the tribes of this region fought. I honestly believe that this is not a religious war or a political war. It is not about recognising the state of Israel any more than it is about the suppression of Palastinian statehood. This, I believe, is about the oldest motive humans have, GREED. We are genetically programmed to want more than we have, more than the next person. When our natural drive to have more is cramped into a small geographic area and the competition is between so many who all want more the outcome is a disaster. This war will never end. Sadly the determination of man to possess more is so ingrained and long held that we determine that a victory by our children, a victory we may never see, will still be our victory.

All who succomb to the propaganda of religious zealots are fooled into believing this is a religious struggle. For as long as man has fought wars religion has been a rallying cry. What greater reward can you offer a man to fight and almost certainly die than a gods mercy? No salary you pay a soldier who knows he will more than likely die can match the reward of fighting for your god. History is littered with wars fought by the holy for the godless.

The leaders of these holy wars are not driven by a sense of doing a gods work, they never have been. They want one thing and one thing only, POWER. They want to rise themselves up above others, they want to have more than the rest. They will use any means they can, and sadly these means will include religious idolatry.

We must not be fooled by these sudo religious leaders, be they Muslim, Jewish, Christian or any other faith. If their goal is the advancement of their own group through the destruction of any other group they are not following the basic tenant of their religion and they should not be trusted.

Support your group, fight their war if you want but take responsibility for your actions or indeed inaction. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you are fighting for a god, you are fighting for possessions. Be they land or the hearts and minds of others they are still possessions which will elevate you. Know that there will be consequences for your actions or inaction. People WILL die, they may be your loved ones and certainly some will be innocent and not deserving of the consequences you have brought down on them. If you can make peace with yourself knowing the consequences of the path you wish to follow then go fight.

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