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Peace Plan

Pythons are constricting snakes that feed on birds and mammals, killing them by squeezing them to death. They coil themselves up around their prey, tighten, but merely squeeze hard enough to stop the prey’s breathing and or blood circulation.People imagine that the Python kills its victim by crushing it to death breaking its bones, but that isn’t true. It coils around the ribcage that contains the lungs, waits for the animal to breathe out and then it tightens its grip a little. Every time the animal breathes out, the snake tightens its coils again. Eventually the animal can’t expand it’s lungs at all and it asphyxiates.Lebanon has been suffering the same predicament for a very long time. Whenever our economy steadies and shows promise and the cities pulsate with energy and tourists flock from afar, we are crushed by marauding bandits and parasitesLebanon is now being mercilessly pulled apart by thugs and brutes that have chosen Lebanon as a stomping ground for their own agendas. I am no magician to figure out what exactly are the hidden agendas behind this latest drama, only those with their fingers in the pie know or at least they think they do. History has shown many fools in positions of power who have brought down their counties and people to their knees thinking no doubt at the time that they were doing the right thing.

So what will poor Lebanon do now? It cannot go on holding its breath waiting for a miracle. The Israeli invasion will go unabated of the farcical global ‘protests’. The world did not rush to intervene because opinions are divided about Hezbollah, who America considers a terrorist group. Anyone that condemns Israel’s actions of ‘defending itself’ risks being blacklisted, remember the statement President Bush made after 911:

“You are either with us or against us. Anyone who harbours terrorists is our enemy.”

The world has evolved since then, sadly into an age of extremes where the only ‘harbouring’ is of resentment to the rise of Big Brother and the birth a world class totalitarian regime.

This is democracy in the 21st century ladies and gentlemen.

What about the United Nations or rather the ‘disunited’ nations headed by a character far less dynamic than his wax effigy at Madame Tussauds. What is the U.N doing to help?

I clearly remember Mr. Anan’s visit to Lebanon many years ago and when asked by a young student why the U.N does not take stronger actions to stop Israeli atrocities against Lebanon.

Mr. Anan smiled and casually replied: “We are barely able to force Israel to pay for their U.N membership.”

So the United Nations is an illusion, a sadistic prank to give the rest of us mortals hope. Justice exists in the world, but it is in the hands of the strong.

So where will poor Lebanon go from here? Strike a deal with the devil, maybe but which one?

The recent taming of Hezbollah, Lebanon’s only able fighting force (by modern standards) has further weakened Lebanon, even Syria is showing signs of willingness for open dialogue, but it’s too early or maybe the bargains Syria has to offer are past their sell by date. Whatever’s the case I would hate to be in our Prime Minister’s shoes, he faces tough decisions.

Lebanon cannot remain neutral anymore trying to please everyone and anyone fractionaly stronger than it is. This war has demonstrated President Bush’s ‘zero tolerance’ in full colour, albeit delivered through proxy. The extreme measure was necessary, it was time to crack the whip and show the world who’s boss and further weaken Israel’s enemies.

In this age of extremes, I expect the conclusion to be any less dramatic. This is a new turning point for Lebanon, let us pray that it can hold its breath as the dastardly Python constricts it for one last time.

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