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‘chosen people’

hi, all. in the 7/22/06 blog, reference is made to principal issues the blog feels would perpetuate the muslim-jewish state of conflict. i think the sticking point lays in what ‘chosen people’ means to whoever comes on this phrase. if it is thought about, at all in the jewish community, clergy through the level of orthodoxy do not teach that this is an injunctive to subjugate others but, rather, to be a source of teaching by example concepts not limited to dealing fairly with others, observing a large body of laws laws and showing mercy. there is no teaching saying that a contract for respectful behaviors is exclusive or that it cannot find its way into other cultural groups. it is, however, an obligation woven into the fabric of traditional jewish mentality. living peaceably with one’s neighbors seems a useful idea from the micro to the macro scale and i, too, deplore the loss of life and decimation of property on both sides of this conflict. i agree with both ms rice and the blogger that a mere ceasefire is insufficient but that bad guys who intimidate the citizenry of lebanon into permitting them to be, in essence, used as human shields are not interested in the long-term welfare of the population. democracy and law and order seem to appeal to the lebanese. let’s give them the tools to make it happen. let’s enable both sides of the galilean hills to ‘turn their swords into plowshares’ so that ‘each may sit under his fig tree and none shall make him afraid.’

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