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Give unity and solidarity a chance …

I have so much to say, and I am sure I am going to be a regular visitor to this site. But I think I will start with my own people before I even start with condemning the terrorist nation that is bombarding my beautiful country of 10, 452 sq.m. and killing its people, women and children.

From seeing people’s reactions to what is going on in Lebanon in the last week, I would really like to say that some of my own people will never learn … they will never learn from the civil war that ravaged their country in 1976, nor the 1982 Israeli invasion, nor any of the attacks we have had in the past decades … I say this because instead of uniting in being ONE Lebanon hand in hand, they cannot see beyond their nose or beyond their pockets, or their extremism, etc.

Following my escape to the mountains from Beirut a few days ago, i went to have dinner at a friend’s place. All night he kept talking about how Hizbullah have destroyed this country by taking the two soldiers as hostages and that he really does not care about anything that is going on outside his home. That Bush will save us from those “people”. He did not realise I was of Lebanese/Shiite and Irish/Roman Catholic parentage. He should have kept his opinions to himself in such a situation. I kept telling him that at the moment we should not point the finger at anyone cause we really don’t know the whole facts. We should just condemn those who are attacking our country our children. His response was a shrug of the shoulders expressing that he did not care. All the anger and the frustration I had built in me during the last week have suddenly decided to come out like a sudden volcano erupting. I explained to him that those children no matter what religious belief and/or political affiliation they hold, are dying under the hands of the Israeli Butchers who are fully suported by that twit Bush. So many breaches of international humanitarian law committed by Israel and no one is doing anything about it, not even the “civilised” countries such as France and England.

Are we invisible? or are they blind or rather they choose to be blind. We should feel with those people who are offering their lives for us to be safe. The people of the south have always been known for their strengths and endurance. Unfortunately, they have always been the ones to die and flee from their homes so that others live. At least, we can feel with them. Or even ask the rest of the Lebanese to pray for them so that the evil head of “Judas” does not appear in our midst. Or even better, we can do what we can to help ease their pain and suffering. If you do not want to unite, then you better rethink and study your origins, for if you still cannot feel with your people, then you might consider emmigrating to Israel, let’s see how you will be treated there!!! But I am glad to also say that this person referred to above is of the minority. So many have opened their hearts and homes for their own people, that I now can even see the positive side of this massacre of a nation by Israel.

To all Lebanese, I hope you will learn from the past and give unity and solidarity a chance … stay together now more than ever and see how you will come out of this with pride and victory!


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