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Israel, Israel, how many lives are you ready to take before you leave Lebanon in peace? how many bridges, villages …. are you willing to destroy to make the Lebanese pay …. and for what their geographical existence near you, it’s a fact they didn’t choose. You want to control the whole world, you want to be the powerful, the ALL MIGHTY, why is that??? So u can destroy more, kill more, to spread more ashes all around the earth….. Why???? Why ?????

you don’t hate HIZBOLLAH only you hate Lebanon (full package), you hate what Lebanon represent: the common living, the civilization, the beauty, the love of life, the revolution and most of all the dignity of the Lebanese people who after 30 years of war rebuilt a country and not just a country they rebuilt a HOME for all …. we are known in our hospitality, our passion in life, we love the tourist we give them our homes and above all we make them feel they are HOME no matter how far they might be.

Israel, Israel, you monster…. even monsters have more Mersey than u has…. I don’t know if a monster describe you well I am trying to find a better word…. may be a PREDATOR is more alike.

Israel, Israel, daughter of Moses, daughter of GOD, you CHOSEN ONE. if you were the one you wouldn’t be that weak in your reactions because no one hold a gone unless he feels threaten and you …. you hold all the missiles and the blood of the world in your hand because you are helpless and more you are afraid from this little country near you, you want to destroy it because your jalousie from everything that he represents and you don’t.

Israel, Israel, your end will be “THE END”, hater kills her holder, and you hold in your depth only hater and more you hold all the crimes in Iraq and Lebanon and may be world wide.

Israel, Israel, this war is not a “2 prisoner’s war”, it’s more, it’s a revenge ….. In war there are laws that you can’t even respect, you are so weak …. you are fighting unarmed innocents their only crime is that they live near you ????….. They didn’t have a word in this too believe me, being your neighbor is not an honor, nor a pleasure. How can you be happy living near a criminal, I repeat a PREDATOR.

In the end and i know the end is not too far …. all I can say “FROGIVE THEM FATHER THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING….” (even though you do).

May be the Mighty forgive you Israel because we can’t.

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