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Archive for May, 2008

Deal or no deal?

They’ve had four lavish days in five start Doha.  Some of them are already starting to looklike Qatari nationals themselves <see photo>  but has there been anything been achieved? Well not really according to statements made by both sides. So should these talks fail, where do we go from here?  God only knows.  Will Hezbollah […]

If at first they don’t succeed… bribe, bribe again!

The meetings are underway in Qatar where some sort of an agreement is trying to be reached.  It is a struggle because agreements need compromise and compromise goes against the Lebanese nature.  We are still in murky waters and nothing much has changed but at least the arms are off the streets and business is […]

The end of the beginning?

Is it the end of the beginning or is this the beginning of the end? The events of last week have demonstrated how quickly Lebanon could spiral out of control given the fact that mobsters still rule the streets. Today the leaders have agreed on an end to the violence; Hezbollah have been busy cleaning […]

What do we the Lebanese do best? Kill Kill Kill!

In the absence of a common enemy, our population has yet again taken to the streets and to mauling one another.  Besides this being our favourite Lebanese pastime we are now recognized as a violent race of people, thrill-seekers who thrive on anxiety and drama. It comes as no surprise that once the Israelis left […]