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Archive for August, 2006

Who won?

U.N resolution 1701 brought an end to the incessant fighting let’s just pray that it continues to hold. As soon as a ceasefire was announced, columns of cars heaving with displaced Lebanese civilians could be seen making their way to the south; back to their homes. Tragically, the majority will discover their lives changed, their […]

Security Council passes resolution to end conflict in Lebanon

A Concise History

I found the facts and figures about Lebanon interesting and would like to know more. Does anyone have a web site where I an get a detailed history of the region and people of Lebanon? Is there a site I can browse for a detailed history of Islam, The Prophet, Islamic sects (eg; Shi’ites) history […]

Tears of the CEDARS

I don’t know anymore if analyzing the situation and saying who is right and who is wrong will solve the problem. This war is much bigger than this, it’s now a war of who is stronger, who can hold on more, who can fight more …. They forgot (both sides) the existence of civilians they […]

lebanon’s history

FOR YOUR INFORMATION AND TO KEEP HOPE STATISTICS ABOUT LEBANON: 1. Lebanon has 18 religious communities 2. It has 40 daily newspapers 3. It has 42 universities 4. It has over 100 banks (that is banks and not branches of a bank) 5. 70% of the students are in private schools 6. 40% of the […]

The Mad Scientist

A couple of days ago I watched the Hiroshima Remembrance Day on television. I saw the old and young Japanese pay respect to their dead, wounds still visible on the faces of the old as they stood in silent contemplation. This was a tragic black spot in human history and one we pray never to […]

Damned if they do, damned if they don’t

There is now a lot of talk about ceasefire but who will be the first to stop long enough as a gesture of good will? Neither Hezbollah nor the Israelis seem to be exhausted despite both having achieved very little. The death toll in Lebanon is 900, 80 of which are purportedly Hezbollah. If we […]