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Archive for July, 2006

Qana Revisited 30th July 2006

“Precious ones, forgive meThis is what grownups do when they play In heaven there are no monsters No one to take your loved ones away Your tender hands in mine I hear your soft voices asking me “Why?” I am ashamed We as grownups have let you down, so terribly Come now little souls dry […]

So who is the new Goliath?

Eighteen days of relentless and exhaustive pounding by Israeli warships and fighter jets almost to a point where a significant chunk of Beirut and other parts of Lebanon have been totally flattened if not obliterated. Israel’s desperation and even its resort to the use of non conventional weapons (according to some news sources), was to […]

Enough, children

“You hit me!” “You hit me first” “I was defending myself” “No, I was defending myself. You have no right to hit me. I will tell mummy about you!” “I have every right to defend myself!” “Well then so do I… take this!” BANG! POW! BOOM! “You hit me again!” “You hit me first” “I […]

BBC Asian Network

This morning (10:00 BST 11:00GMT) listen to the BBC Asian Network for a live debate featuring Hala Nasreddine – Lebanese Consultant and an Israeli participant. This should be an interesting and heated broadcast. To find out how to listen please click on the BBC logo.

“How long must we sing this song”

This war is thousands of years old, from the dawn of recorded history the peoples of this region have made war. They have fought tooth and nail for every inch of dusty earth. Even before there were Muslims and Jews the tribes of this region fought. I honestly believe that this is not a religious […]

‘chosen people’

hi, all. in the 7/22/06 blog, reference is made to principal issues the blog feels would perpetuate the muslim-jewish state of conflict. i think the sticking point lays in what ‘chosen people’ means to whoever comes on this phrase. if it is thought about, at all in the jewish community, clergy through the level of […]

إفرح يا لبنان

سعد الحريري يستغرب الموقف الامريكي تجاه العدوان على لبنان رمى نفسه في ملعب أميركا مقتنعاً أنّ تلك الأخيرة ستساعد وطنه على القيامة، و ها هو الوطن يبكي دماء شهداء أبرياء بسبب حبّ العالم له… أسبوع مرّ على اندلاع حرب تمّوز الأسود، مئات أصبحوا في أحضان الله، آلاف يتألّمون و آلاف يهربون تاركين الوطن ساحة معركة […]

A week has passed since the Israelis started their planned and studied assault on Lebanon under the pretext of “self-defense”. Even after a week, I still can’t believe that my country, my land, is being brutally destroyed while the world, Arabs and the West alike, are coldly watching.

lebanon’s path

what can i say more than it’s our destiny. lebanese people are the kind of people who adores to live, they live to laugh to enjoy life, and what do they get in return …. always ENVIE …. from the neighbours, from the enemies and sometimes from the friends ….

Peace Plan

Pythons are constricting snakes that feed on birds and mammals, killing them by squeezing them to death. They coil themselves up around their prey, tighten, but merely squeeze hard enough to stop the prey’s breathing and or blood circulation.People imagine that the Python kills its victim by crushing it to death breaking its bones, but […]