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Archive for July, 2006

The future is bright!

Over the past few days I have been inundated with photos of dead children strewn on the streets. Their decapitated carcasses mutilated and mangled almost beyond recognition. These are purportedly the victims of the current Israeli invasion on Lebanon. I am unsure about the authenticity of some of these photos (I heard some may be […]


The news is the same with little else on the horizon besides the ships and helicopters that have started to arrive to evacuate their citizens. What is disheartening is that the westerners who leave will not be likely to come back. Many have never experienced a war before particularly one of this magnitude. Their departure […]

Give unity and solidarity a chance …

I have so much to say, and I am sure I am going to be a regular visitor to this site. But I think I will start with my own people before I even start with condemning the terrorist nation that is bombarding my beautiful country of 10, 452 sq.m. and killing its people, women […]


Israel, Israel, how many lives are you ready to take before you leave Lebanon in peace? how many bridges, villages …. are you willing to destroy to make the Lebanese pay …. and for what their geographical existence near you, it’s a fact they didn’t choose. You want to control the whole world, you want […]

Kudos CNN!!

my friends and i were watching, cnn today…surprisingly they actually broadcasted something about lebanon. somehow they came across a segment about uploaded videos concerning day to day life of lebanon and israel during the war. one video showed an israeli boy running down the stairs of his house into the bomb shelter as soon as […]

Here comes the cavalry…

It is now fairly obvious that the Israeli ground troops will eventually be making their way into Lebanon. We see them perform brief excursions in the South followed by hasty retreats probably with lumpy throats as memories of the past rekindle their fears; they are testing the waters. As the propaganda machines on both sides […]


i was simply wondering…are lebanese poeple bugs???are they toys??? i seriously can’t find a word to describe a lebanese seen with the eyes of a european and specially through the eyes of americans!!! obviously the fire will not stop until we’re all dead or crashed like bugs!!! they’re playing with us just like toys to […]

July 2006 – The Israeli Invasion

My dear brothers and sisters in Lebanon The missiles screech overhead before pounding into our homes Bombs do not scare us, we’ve all been there before We do not hurt, we’re already in pain We do not bleed, our hearts bled their last drops in vain Fear not the sounds the artillery make Hold your […]

Little boys with big toys

The surreal madness that has recently enveloped us has shown us yet again how fragile Lebanon truely is in the hands of imbeciles. There are big players here, each with a skyscraper of an agenda, some have no agenda at all but are players nonetheless. This last week we saw spectacular feats in savagery and […]

Welcome! Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

If you are reading this then you are either living in Lebanon or have been through or live far from it.  Whatever’s the case, you are welcome here. I hope this blog will grow to become a communal practice that brings us family, friends and fellow country people together.  We all have so much to […]