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Who won?

U.N resolution 1701 brought an end to the incessant fighting let’s just pray that it continues to hold. As soon as a ceasefire was announced, columns of cars heaving with displaced Lebanese civilians could be seen making their way to the south; back to their homes. Tragically, the majority will discover their lives changed, their […]

Security Council passes resolution to end conflict in Lebanon

The Mad Scientist

A couple of days ago I watched the Hiroshima Remembrance Day on television. I saw the old and young Japanese pay respect to their dead, wounds still visible on the faces of the old as they stood in silent contemplation. This was a tragic black spot in human history and one we pray never to […]

Damned if they do, damned if they don’t

There is now a lot of talk about ceasefire but who will be the first to stop long enough as a gesture of good will? Neither Hezbollah nor the Israelis seem to be exhausted despite both having achieved very little. The death toll in Lebanon is 900, 80 of which are purportedly Hezbollah. If we […]

Qana Revisited 30th July 2006

“Precious ones, forgive meThis is what grownups do when they play In heaven there are no monsters No one to take your loved ones away Your tender hands in mine I hear your soft voices asking me “Why?” I am ashamed We as grownups have let you down, so terribly Come now little souls dry […]

So who is the new Goliath?

Eighteen days of relentless and exhaustive pounding by Israeli warships and fighter jets almost to a point where a significant chunk of Beirut and other parts of Lebanon have been totally flattened if not obliterated. Israel’s desperation and even its resort to the use of non conventional weapons (according to some news sources), was to […]

Enough, children

“You hit me!” “You hit me first” “I was defending myself” “No, I was defending myself. You have no right to hit me. I will tell mummy about you!” “I have every right to defend myself!” “Well then so do I… take this!” BANG! POW! BOOM! “You hit me again!” “You hit me first” “I […]

BBC Asian Network

This morning (10:00 BST 11:00GMT) listen to the BBC Asian Network for a live debate featuring Hala Nasreddine – Lebanese Consultant and an Israeli participant. This should be an interesting and heated broadcast. To find out how to listen please click on the BBC logo.

Peace Plan

Pythons are constricting snakes that feed on birds and mammals, killing them by squeezing them to death. They coil themselves up around their prey, tighten, but merely squeeze hard enough to stop the prey’s breathing and or blood circulation.People imagine that the Python kills its victim by crushing it to death breaking its bones, but […]

The future is bright!

Over the past few days I have been inundated with photos of dead children strewn on the streets. Their decapitated carcasses mutilated and mangled almost beyond recognition. These are purportedly the victims of the current Israeli invasion on Lebanon. I am unsure about the authenticity of some of these photos (I heard some may be […]